VetsWork is an eleven month career development internship program for military veterans interested in the natural resources management, public lands, and environment sector. VetsWork participants are placed at local, state, and federal land management agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service where they provide project support while learning about various career paths.

VetsWork Is Many Things

  • A career development program where participants learn new skills and build professional networks.
  • A workforce development program where land management agencies have an active role in shaping its future workforce .
  • A community and national service program (AmeriCorps) that engages veterans in civilian service to our public lands and natural resources.
  • VetsWork participants receive a modest living stipend, an AmeriCorps education award and basic health coverage.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VetsWork here.

Meet Our Interns

2022 VetsWork: Aaron (Armando) Penales

Hi! My name is Armando Penales. I grew up in Los Angeles, but you can always find me at the beach or hiking in SAMO or Malibu. LA beaches are my go-to places when I need to relax and decompress. I’m a big music fan. I can listen to about anything, but recently I have...

2022 VetsWork: Kayden Walton

Hello, I’m Kayden. I am currently studying to earn my BS in Environmental Science and will graduate in August 2022. My passion for the environment stemmed from growing up in Flint, Michigan, as most of my childhood was spent outdoors. Activities like Bass fishing,...

2022 VetsWork: Kyle O’Brien

My name Is Kyle O’Brien and I was born in Long Island, New York. I grew up playing street hockey, riding my bike at the local BMX park, and going on fishing trips with my father. However, New York would only be home for so long as we moved down to North Carolina in...

2022 VetsWork: Taylor Payton

I grew up in southern Louisiana, in a small town called Walker. I like to spend time kayaking and hiking. Though In LA there’s not much hiking, I hope to do more while in Virginia for this program. After high school, I attended college for a semester but I decided to...

2022 VetsWork: Samuel Kauffman

Hello, my name is Samuel Kauffman and I am honored to be a part of the VetsWork Program and a prospective Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps Intern. Before I get into why I decided to become an Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps Intern, I would like to tell you a few things...

2022 VetsWork: Robert Alwood

My name is Robert Alwood. I grew up in Gold Bar, Washington where I spent a large portion of my childhood outdoors. My favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, fishing, mountain biking, and trail running. Shortly after graduating high school, I joined the US...

2022 VetsWork: Donald Hollingsworth

I was born in Missouri and attended high school across the Missouri River in Leavenworth, Kansas, where I graduated in 2015. Growing up, I enjoyed camping, Boy Scouts, cycling, canoeing, snowboarding, and school sports. My immediate family includes my parents and...

2022 VetsWork: Damon Jackson

Hi, my name is Damon. I am originally from South Carolina but have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2016. I enjoy hiking and exploring Oregon's mountains, coastal areas, and high desert plains. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army where I served as a parachute...

2022 VetsWork: Taylor Cunningham

Hi! My name is Taylor Cunningham, and I am from Omaha, Nebraska. Ever since I was a kid, I learned to love the outdoors through all sorts of activities. I served for nine years in the U.S. Navy as an airborne sensor operator, with most of that time being stationed in...

2022 VetsWork: Taran Snyder

Hi, my name is Taran Snyder (TJ for short). I was born and raised in Colorado, spending a lot of my childhood either in Littleton or in the Rocky Mountains around the Buffalo Creek area riding horses, learning to fish, attempting to paint, etc. Today I am an avid...

2022 VetsWork: Luke Duvall

My name is Luke I live in cottonwood California if you don't know where that is that's honestly a good thing. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, walks with my dog, camping, and wood burning signs. The outdoors and nature have always been important to me everywhere I have been...

2022 VetsWork: Drew Bryant

My name is Drew, and I am from Bakersfield, California. I enjoy traveling and I have lived in a few different states. I was CTR in the Navy. After that I moved to Flagstaff and enrolled in Northern Arizona University and began getting my degree in Parks &...

VetsWork Internships

OPEN Service Positions

  • There are no open VetsWork Internships at this time.

Service Positions by State

How to Apply

Include the Following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
    1. Include one for each position you’re applying to (you can apply to more than one).
    2. If you are unfamiliar with cover letters, click here to learn more.
  • Copy of your DD 214
  • Three professional references: Include their name, phone number, email, and relation to you.

Your application will not be considered without all of the required documents.

Email completed applications with documents to:

Katie Schmidt, Recruitment Coordinator


Use this form to contact Recruitment.

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Partners & Sponsors

As a partner of the program, your organization directly benefits from the support of a VetsWork intern on projects that you determine, such as volunteer coordination, trail maintenance, habitat restoration, special uses/permitting/surveying, education, and any other aspect of public lands / natural resources management. Additionally, you have the opportunity to train a potential new member of your workforce.

Partners are required to provide a cash match, have time to supervise/mentor the intern and be available for specific program-related training. It might sound like a lot, but our past partners would tell you that it’s worth it.

If you and/or your organization are interested in sponsoring a VetsWork intern, please contact us via the button below.

Current Program Partners