VetsWork is an eleven month career development internship program for military veterans interested in the natural resources management, public lands, and environment sector. VetsWork participants are placed at local, state, and federal land management agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service where they provide project support while learning about various career paths.

VetsWork Is Many Things

  • A career development program where participants learn new skills and build professional networks.
  • A workforce development program where land management agencies have an active role in shaping its future workforce .
  • A community and national service program (AmeriCorps) that engages veterans in civilian service to our public lands and natural resources.
  • VetsWork participants receive a modest living stipend, an AmeriCorps education award and basic health coverage.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VetsWork here.

VetsWork Internships

OPEN Service Positions

  • 2024 program year positions will be posted in the fall of ’23

How to Apply

Include the Following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
    1. Include one for each position you’re applying to (you can apply to more than one).
    2. If you are unfamiliar with cover letters, click here to learn more.
  • Copy of your DD 214
  • Three professional references: Include their name, phone number, email, and relation to you.

Your application will not be considered without all of the required documents.

Email completed applications with documents to our

Recruitment Coordinator

Meet Our Interns

2023 VetsWork: Joe Aluia

Wildlife Tech on Huron Manistee

2023 VetsWork: Logan Napoli

Recreation Technician on the Mark Twain National Forest

2023 VetsWork: Jean Draudt

I grew up in Moore, Oklahoma. I enjoy hiking, geocaching, photography, collecting plants, and being able to go places I have never been before. I worked for the Air Force as a Munitions Technician. My education varies in different languages but no degree. I have a son...

2023 VetsWork: Tom Bonnette

Forestry Technician (Recreation) on the National Forest in Mississippi

2023 VetsWork: Evan Daley

Biological Assistant (Fisheries) on Six Rivers National Forest (NOAA)

2023 VetsWork: Jeremy Thatcher

My name is Jeremy Thatcher. I grew up in Los Angeles, California. Being a kid in Los Angeles, my parents would take me west to the beach, north to the mountains, and east to the deserts. With access to such diverse environments within such a short drive of my house, I...

2023 VetsWork: Robert Ontiveros

My name is Robert Ontiveros. I grew up in Southern California and moved to the PNW in 2016. When I moved here, I fell more in love with being in the outdoors. I enjoy going on hikes, finding hidden waterfalls, camping, and exploring the backroads of the forest. I...

2023 VetsWork: Jodie Robinson

Hello! My name is Jodie Robinson, recent college graduate and Air Force veteran. I’m originally from California, born and raised, where I spent a lot of my younger years on the road with my dad visiting many natural and historical places of interest in the western...

2023 VetsWork: Joey Anderson

My name is Joey Anderson. I am 32 years old and live in Chehalis, Washington, with my wife, daughter, and small dog Maggie. I was born in Fort Carson, Colorado, and have two brothers and a sister. I joined the Army Reserves when I was 17 and spent the next six years...

2023 VetsWork: Taylor Davis

My name is Taylor Davis. I am a US Army Veteran serving two tours in Afghanistan with the 82 Airborne Division as an infantryman. After serving, I got my B.S. degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. I grew up in Oregon and have lived around the Portland...

2023 VetsWork: Taylor Sendek

My name is Tyler Sendek. I grew up in Chicopee, MA, and a few other states along the New England coast. I joined the Marine Corps at 17, right after high school, and served a 4-year enlistment with a 6-month extension as an infantryman. The outdoors has always been a...

2023 VetsWork: Jacob Brainard

Engineering Tech Savannah River

2023 VetsWork: Allison Kaper

My name is Allison Kaper. I grew up in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. I've always loved being outdoors and spent most of my time as a kid digging around, looking for frogs, salamanders, and any other critters I could watch for a little while. To this day, I still spend...

2023 VetsWork: Andrew Nash

My name is Andrew Nash. I grew up in Central Oregon, where I spent much of my time outdoors, workingon our small farm, riding bikes, and hiking nearby Smith Rock State Park. After graduating High School, Ijoined the Air Force, where I pursued a career in Law...

2023 VetsWork: Ashley Boroff

My name is Ashley Boroff. I grew up in Boron, CA. Growing up, every year, my family would go to Zion National Park. I grew up loving the outdoors and spent a lot of time outdoors. I decided to become an Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps Intern to try something new with...

Partners & Sponsors

As a partner of the program, your organization directly benefits from the support of a VetsWork intern on projects that you determine, such as volunteer coordination, trail maintenance, habitat restoration, special uses/permitting/surveying, education, and any other aspect of public lands / natural resources management. Additionally, you have the opportunity to train a potential new member of your workforce.

Partners are required to provide a cash match, have time to supervise/mentor the intern and be available for specific program-related training. It might sound like a lot, but our past partners would tell you that it’s worth it.

If you and/or your organization are interested in sponsoring a VetsWork intern, please contact us via the button below.

Current Program Partners