2023 VetsWork Field Note: Robert Ontiveros

by | Field Notes, VetsWork, VW 2023

During my time here, I have covered a wide variety of tasks, from trail work to community events and public outreach. Some of my favorite things to do are to explore all the new places and find everything that no one has touched in years and bring it back to use. Attending and hosting community events, whether they are local or across the forest, has been one of my most fulfilling accomplishments as well. This year has been absolutely amazing, to say the least. I have one of the best supervisors to mentor me and teach me all she can. I have gained much experience from becoming a sawyer to being able to do major and minor trail bridge inspections. I plan on pursuing a full-time career, and I’m glad AmeriCorps and Mt. Adams VetsWork has afforded me the opportunity to chase what has always been a dream of mine.