2024 VetsWork: Emily Klosterman

by | VW 2024, VW Display

I grew up surrounded by the breathtaking natural landscapes of Southeast Alaska, where my love for the outdoors was nurtured from a young age. Exploring the Tongass National Forest, fishing and enjoying the Stikine River, hiking, jet boating, scuba diving, and working as a guide have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the environment and a desire to protect it. After serving eight years in the U.S. Coast Guard, where I honed my leadership skills, I pursued my passion for marine science by earning a degree in UAS Fisheries & Ocean Science. Throughout my academic journey, I gained hands-on experience in scientific fieldwork, conducting research in Alaska’s wilderness and intertidal areas. My time as a Conservation Practitioner at The Nature Conservancy in the Caribbean further solidified my commitment to environmental conservation. I led coral reef restoration initiatives and collaborated with local agencies to protect marine ecosystems. My family has been in Alaska for five generations, and I plan to continue to be a steward of the land my family works to protect and utilize.

I decided to become a Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps Intern because it provides a unique opportunity to combine my military background with my passion for environmental stewardship. As an AmeriCorps intern, I am excited to contribute to meaningful projects that positively impact the environment and local communities. I am eager to learn from experienced professionals in the field, further develop my skills in natural resource management, and make a tangible difference in preserving our natural resources. I am particularly excited about my new position as a Recreation Technician with the US Forest Service in Wrangell, Alaska. I plan to immerse myself in the wilderness, engage with the community, and gain valuable experience managing recreational activities while promoting environmental sustainability. I hope that with this opportunity as an AmeriCorps intern, I can become a full-time Forest Service employee.