My most recent career was being active duty Navy, stationed onboard NTAG Jacksonville, Administration. I joined the Navy’s DEP Program back in November 2008 and entered basic training November 18, 2009. My first assignment was Virginia from 2010-2015, then Hawaii 2015-2018, Guam 2019-2022, and Florida 2022-2023. Over my naval career, I have had over 150 sailors who I have had direct responsibility over; about half of my time was spent on board Naval Base Guam during the COVID- 19 pandemic and quarantine support.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon from 1985-2009 graduating HS in 2004. I spent most of my youth in the outdoors with my family in Mt. Hood and in the Tillamook forests, camping, biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, and hunting. Before the Navy, I have had backgrounds in the automotive, welding and mechanical industries.

When I was looking into future careers and stumbled across forestry work I was really intrigued; after being around such loud equipment, toxic chemicals and dangerous environments, I wanted to get back to nature and the outdoors. There is a lot of need to preserve our country’s natural resources, forests and animals. Spending so much time out in the wild during my childhood, I would feel at home in the forestry industry. For the future after the internship, I wish to be employed with the Forest Service and make a difference with my skills where I am needed.