2024 VetsWork: Christopher Glenn

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My name is Christopher Glenn. Born in Portland, Oregon, I have spent the majority of my life in the Pacific Northwest. My roots in Oregon run deep, with only a brief hiatus during five awesome years living in Hawaii. I worked as a wildland firefighter for three seasons and developed a deep appreciation for the dynamic and challenging aspects of managing wildfires. In the Army, I served as a medic with the 25th Infantry. My work and skills were recognized as I earned the position of Senior Line Medic, a role I filled during a demanding 15-month deployment to Iraq. My love for the outdoors extends beyond my professional experiences; mountain biking, fly fishing, and backpacking are my go-to activities, allowing me to connect with nature.  

After my military service, I returned to Oregon with the intention of applying my medical skills to a firefighting career. This led me to a fulfilling two-year stint as a volunteer for Clackamas Fire. However, my aspirations took an unexpected turn when I suffered a broken spine from a fall, rendering me ineligible for firefighting roles. This setback prompted a reevaluation of my career path. Reflecting on my high school experiences, where I found fulfillment in Environmental Science classes, I decided to pursue a career that allowed me to reconnect with my passion for the natural world. I enrolled in college courses focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The upcoming internship with the NOAA through VetsWork presents an exciting opportunity for me to merge my military background, medical skills, and passion for environmental science, and learn new skills. My hope is that this opportunity will help me begin a rewarding profession that makes a positive impact on our environment.