2024 VetsWork: Carlos Galeano

by | VW 2024, VW Display

My name is Carlos Galeano. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY, but I was raised in the vibrant outdoors of Tampa, Florida. While I’ve always been drawn to the city’s energy, my heart belongs to the countryside. Soccer has been my lifelong passion, but I enjoy exploring the great outdoors equally. My family shares this love, and together, we indulge in activities like hiking, paddle boarding, and camping along the river during summer while relishing snowboarding and snow machining in the winter months. This shared appreciation for nature led us to choose Bend, Oregon, as our home, a place renowned for its outdoor opportunities. My journey with the military took me to Alaska, where I served in an airborne unit for five years. I truly fell in love with the wilderness amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Later, while living in New York City with my wife, I pursued a career change and embarked on a journey back to school. I’m pursuing an associate degree in aeronautical management with Central Oregon Community College, utilizing my GI Bill benefits. I’ve obtained my private pilot license and am diligently working towards acquiring my instrument license through Leading Edge Aviation in Bend. In addition to my academic and professional pursuits, my wife and I are proud parents to a delightful two-year-old son who never fails to fill our lives with joy and laughter. Our two loyal canine companions, Mav and Luna, complete our family. Together, we embrace the adventure and beauty of life, both in the skies and amidst the earth’s natural wonders.

The decision to become a Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps Intern was more of a serendipitous discovery rather than a planned pursuit. The opportunity sought me out, presenting itself as if it knew I was the right fit to lend a hand. At the time, my wife was the sole breadwinner while I cared for our child at home. However, when I stumbled upon the job listing, something about it piqued my interest. Despite never actively considering a return to mechanics, the prospect of getting my hands dirty and tinkering with engines again, reminiscent of my time in the army, sparked excitement. As I delved deeper into the job description, the perks seemed too good to pass up – working for the US Forest Service and fixing trucks while living a mere five minutes away from home. It was an opportunity that seemed tailor-made for me. Beyond the technical aspects, I’m eager to explore the new doors this position could open and the adventures and stories I’ll gather. Moreover, I look forward to securing a foothold in the Pacific Northwest while ensuring quality time with my family on days off. This experience holds the promise of professional fulfillment, personal growth, and the chance to forge lasting memories with my loved ones amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the PNW.