2024 VetsWork: Nick Huys

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Hi, my name is Nicholas Huys. I was born in Potosi, Missouri but my father served 20 years between Marine Corps and Army so I moved around a good amount as a kid. I spent most of my time in the woods trying to be a marine like my dad was and would act out any military movie I could watch. Joining the military took a backseat out of high school as I pursued my bachelors and played college football at Iowa Wesleyan University and then at the division 1 FCS level at Campbell University. After graduating I taught k-8 Physical Education and Health for a half year before I enlisted into the Marine Corps Infantry. In the Marine Corps, especially the infantry, I found myself with a real purpose and a team to support each other. This job also gave way to my love for the outdoors again and kick started hobbies like hiking, hunting and field craft/survival skills. Along the way I got married to my wife, Brittany, and we have 3 kids: Annabelle, Beau and Charlie.

What got me started with AmeriCorps was my wife sent me a listing on Indeed and the name sounded familiar. I went back through our military-civilian transition booklets and found information on them. The big reason I applied and was interested is that they work with veterans and put them in a place with other veterans and let us keep that team feeling we used to have. It also excites me that it offers avenues into jobs that otherwise I might have overlooked or would have maybe taken a different approach in applying to. I wanted to get into wildlife and conservation but was unsure how but with Mt. Adams Institute and AmeriCorps I now have a way forward. I hope this leads to a full time position or even the opportunity to get into conservation work eventually. I’m ecstatic and thankful for this opportunity.