Hear In The Gorge

A podcast that digs into the stories of a place, listens to the people who know best, and goes places you never expected.

Hear in the Gorge is a collection of audio stories, some long, some short, but all rooted in one place – the Columbia River Gorge. The podcast began as a complement to the popular Sense of Place Lecture series; as a way to dig deeper into the untold or overlooked stories of the region. 

For each episode of Hear in the Gorge producer, Sarah Fox, seeks out and interviews an individual(s) with relevant firsthand experience. The personal insights shared in these recordings are the backbone of each episode. Sarah then combines portions of the interviews with archival audio, music, narration, and on-location sound to create the final audio story.

Hear in the Gorge has been recognized by the Oregon Heritage Commission, the Hood River Cultural Trust, Portland Monthly Magazine, Huff Post, and honored by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) as one of the top-10 podcasts made in Oregon. It started as a podcast about a place, but as Sarah and listeners quickly discovered, each episode reminds us that the stories of this place are the stories of us all – no matter where we are.

It sucks (like a lamprey!)


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