Land Stewards

Land Stewards is a career development program for young adults, ages 21-30 (up to 35 for Military Veterans), interested in learning more about public lands and natural resources management. The Land Stewards program places participants in a 25-week internship with agencies like the Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, and environmental nonprofits throughout Washington and Oregon.

Internship Opportunities Include

  • Wilderness Ranger positions
  • Trail maintenance and construction
  • Invasive species mitigation
  • Wildlife impact surveys
  • Environmental education
  • Volunteer coordination

These projects typically occur from May to October and are suitable for individuals interested and/or experienced in working and living outside for extended periods of time.

Participants earn a modest living stipend and an AmeriCorps education award while working in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Pacific Northwest.

Meet Our Interns

2022 Land Stewards: Kailey Kreienbrink

My name is Kailey Kreienbrink. I grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. I grew to love the outdoors through exploration of Minnesota’s 10,000-plus lakes. I am about to start my Senior year of college at the University of Oregon where I am triple...

2022 Land Stewards: Cameron McArthy

My name is Cameron McArthy and up until now, I’ve been living in St. Louis working freelance in film production.  My passion for hiking, camping, climbing, and nature photography slowly outgrew my love for movies, to the point that I’ve given up filmmaking to pursue a...

2022 Land Stewards: Omeed Pourboghrat

My name is Omeed Pourboghrat. I grew up in Okemos, Michigan until I was sixteen years old when I moved with my family to Dublin, Ohio in 2015. I went on to finish high school, and later achieved a Bachelor of Arts in History at Ohio State University. I have since a...

2022 Land Stewards: Jakob Moser

I was born on July 4th and I was raised in Yakima, Washington. I have two siblings - one older, and one younger. My entire family is involved in the outdoors; growing up there was never a weekend during summer when you’d catch my family at home. We were either out on...

2022 Land Stewards: William Messick

I grew up in our nation’s capital and was fortunate enough to have easy access to the many small national parks within the D.C. borders. Some of my best memories with friends can be found in these parks as it was really the only place to escape the hustle and bustle...

2022 Land Stewards: Mariah Marti

I am a recent graduate of WSU, having earned my bachelor's in environmental science and a minor in biology, with Magna Cum Laude honors. I enjoy hiking along the Pacific Northwest coast, cooking from scratch, playing soccer, watching Marvel, and cultivating indoor...

2022 Land Stewards: Savanna Lopez

My name is Savanna Lopez and I was born and raised in rural central Iowa. My love for the outdoors started when I could walk. I grew up on a homestead out in the country and my father is an avid hunter and fisherman and was the first to teach me about land stewardship...

2022 Land Stewards: Frank Saxton

Man’s relation to the outdoors has always been of great significance to me. Having grown up near the Cascade Mountain Range on a small farm in the town of Graham Washington, I was fortunate to have a great wealth of exposure to the outdoors. Raising livestock, hiking,...

2022 Land Stewards: Caelan Vielbig

I grew up in the west metro area of the Twin Cities, MN. I spent many summers as I grew up going on expedition canoe trips organized by my uncle and mother. I had very mixed feelings about them when I was young, but looking back appreciate them as an important part of...

2022 Land Stewards: Alexander Golman

Hello, my name is Alexander, and I was born and raised in Chicago. I attended Southern Illinois University from 2014 to 2019 and studied architecture, landscaping, and history. Currently, I am in Chicago as a landscape designer for a high-end residential firm....

2022 Land Stewards: Jacob Boak

I grew up in Texas but moved to Carnation, WA during the latter half of my childhood. I have many siblings and soon began experiencing the beauty of the PNW with my family - mostly my father and brothers.  During adulthood, I have continued to visit wilderness regions...

2022 Land Stewards: Tanner Blake

My name is Tanner Blake and I love being outside. I grew up in Renton, Washington, riding mountain bikes, and when I was 13 my family moved to Cle Elum. While living in Cle Elum I learned that I really enjoyed hiking, backpacking, and nature photography, so when it...

2022 Land Stewards: Bridget Motiff

I grew up in northern Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior where I was able to explore and foster a passion for the outdoors. I spent a lot of my free time on the water and in the forest with my younger brother, which made me realize how much I value the...

How to Apply

Include the Following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
    • Include one for each position you’re applying to (you can apply to 3 max.).
    • Include your motivation for applying and your outdoor experience as it relates to the position if it is not represented in your resume.
    • If you are unfamiliar with cover letters, click here to learn more.
    • Three professional references:
      • Include their name, phone number, email, and relation to you.

*Your application will not be considered without all of the required documents.

Email applications, documents, and questions to: 

Erica Bingham, Program Coordinator


Use this form to contact the Coordinator.

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Partners & Sponsors

As a partner of the program, your organization directly benefits from the support of a Land Stewards intern on projects that you determine such as volunteer coordination, trail maintenance, habitat restoration, surveying, education and any other aspect of public lands / natural resources management. Additionally, you have the opportunity to train a potential new member of your workforce.

Partners are required to provide a cash match, have time to supervise / mentor the intern and be available for specific program related trainings. It might sound like a lot but our past partners would tell you that it’s worth it. If you and/or your organization is interested in sponsoring a Land Stewards intern, please contact us via the button.