2023 VetsWork Field Note: Taylor Davis

by | Field Notes, VW 2023

With just under a month left of my Forest Service internship with the Recreation Department on Mt. Hood’s East Zone, I feel hopeful about my natural resource career path. I feel I have a better understanding of recreation management and the work it takes to keep a healthy balance between preservation, conservation, and maximizing recreation access/services. I’ve enjoyed experiencing a varied list of responsibilities this year working as a Recreation Technician out of Parkdale, OR. From getting dirty outside doing physical maintenance/improvement of recreation areas to inspections and data management, every day is a little different. It’s amazing to see your notes and ideas translated into positive physical changes in the forest, all of which reinvigorates a strong sense of service for me. 

With the service experience and connections I’ve gained throughout my year on the Mt. Hood National Forest, I am more qualified and confident in seeking out further opportunities with the Forest Service. I have applied to and qualified for multiple positions in the area that I would otherwise not have been considered for without this Internship.