2024 Land Stewards: Sophia Mosbrucker

by | LS 2024, LS Display

I grew up in Spokane, Washington in a tight-knit family, all with a love for the outdoors. Living in Spokane gave me a lot of access to outdoor recreation; I grew up Nordic skiing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and so much more. I’ve always found being outdoors grounds and fulfils me. I am extremely family-motivated. If you ever have a conversation with me, I am likely to bring up my sister, my mom, my partner, or one of my many dogs. I found the ad for the Land Steward position after a year of working in manufacturing. I was desperate to find a way into an outdoor career and the ad felt like fate. I tell everyone I know that I can’t wait to work outdoors in a field I really care about. I love the idea of knowing the work I’m doing matters and makes a difference. I can’t wait to begin.