2024 Land Stewards: Palmer McDaniel

by | LS 2024, LS Display

Hi y’all, my name is Palmer. I grew up in Georgia and moved to Seattle when I was about 11. I fell in love with the outdoors from an early age as my family often went camping, and after moving to Washington this was increased tenfold. I feel as though the mountains are my home and hope for a time when I can stay there year round. Outside of hiking and backpacking, I am also a musician, often playing shows of various genres, but primarily jazz. I studied at the University of North Texas for it and eventually returned to Washington to attend Western Washington University to continue my education. I am an avid fan of biking, basketball, reading, and cooking and hope to get involved in more fishing, rock climbing, homesteading, foraging, and vehicle maintenance.

I decided that I wasn’t really content with where I was at. I felt like I was stuck in a rut and really needed to get out more and be more active in the community as well as physically. I felt that this opportunity would aid in my ability to do both while simultaneously gaining new skills along the way. I like the idea of pursuing a career with the parks and/or taking what skills I learn to another field such as a carpenter or arborist. I think I’m most excited to meet and interact with like-minded individuals while pushing myself and working with my hands in nature.