2024 Land Stewards: JonLuke Mowell

by | LS 2024, LS Display

Hey y’all! My names JonLuke Mowell and I’m from Myersville, Maryland. My love for nature begins with my home and childhood; my surroundings were farm fields mixing with the Appalachian Mountains. This landscape became the backdrop for my passion in many different outdoor activities. By high school, I was enrolled in a technical school for landscaping while competing in national and state dendrology competitions with the future farmers of America (FFA). Once in college I studied adventure sports, a program designed to train professional guides. I studied skiing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, etc. My family is super supportive of my dreams always helping me with my goals in finding a career in the outdoor industry.

Mt. Adams Institute (MAI) is supportive in helping me with my goals of building a career in the outdoors. This internship provides a foot in the door for other government positions and helping build skills, connections, and knowledge of the outdoors. I’m most excited to spend plenty of time exploring the Blue Mountains and the Umatilla National Forest. I am also looking forward to traveling to see other sites like Olympic National Park. What I want from this experience is the opportunity to further my career in a full-time position with the Forest Service or any other organization affiliated with the outdoors. Thank you for reading, and have a great day out there!