Our DEI Commitment

Mt. Adams Institute’s mission is to strengthen the connection between people and natural world

We believe people benefit from time spent in the outdoors and not everyone in our country has safe and fair access to these spaces. It is our responsibility to learn about and address the barriers that make marginalized communities feel unwelcome in outdoor spaces. We are dedicated to understanding our role within this issue and are committed to becoming a more inclusive organization.

To ensure everyone benefits from and helps shape our natural spaces:

We will study the difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are separate concepts that each inform an important element of our work. We will examine everything we do through each of these lenses.

We will commit to learning, growing, listening, and relearning through ongoing conversations with our staff, board, participants, partners and communities.

We will build a more inclusive organization by increasing leadership opportunities within the conservation and environmental fields that will support equal access to the outdoors.

We will use our power and privilege to support other organizations and leaders that are committed to helping educate and reshape our communities.

We will remain open to learn from our mistakes and continue to progress as our organization evolves.

These commitments will help Mt. Adams Institute advance social justice and support inclusive outdoor spaces that reflect the diversity of our country.