VetsWork Fire

VetsWork Fire is a career training program for military veterans interested in wildfire landscape management, wildland firefighting and other natural resource management / public lands careers. VetsWork Fire participants serve with the Umatilla National Forest and live in Forest Service bunkhouses for the duration of the program.

VetsWork Fire Is Many Things

  • A career development program where participants learn new skills and build professional networks.
  • A workforce development program where land management agencies have an active role in shaping its future workforce.
  • A community and national service program (AmeriCorps) that engages veterans in civilian service to our public lands and natural resources.

VetsWork Fire participants receive a modest living stipend, and an AmeriCorps education award.

Meet Our Interns

2022 VetsWork FireCorps: Magnus Henry

My name is Magnus Henry, family and friends call me Mac. I was born in Torrance California but when I was 7 our family moved to American Samoa. There I learned the Samoan way of life. I learned to speak samoan, grow bananas, taro and breadfruit.  Our family also...

2022 VetsWork FireCorps: John Driscoll

My name is John Driscoll. I grew up in Stafford, VA. I love playing any type of sport. I served in the Army for almost 10 years as an Infantryman. I never intended to join AmeriCorps initially since I never heard of it. I was contacted via email and did some research...

2022 VetsWork FireCorps: Jeremy Warren

I’ve always loved nature, so I'm always up for an adventure of some kind. I grew up in Georgia, in a single parent household. I enjoy hiking and photographing wildlife/natural landscapes. I graduated from Baldwin High School in May 2014. I served 3 years in the Army...

2022 VetsWork FireCorps: Anthony Lacey

Being born and raised in San Diego, California, one may think about great weather and beaches however, like everything in life there are ups and downs. I never knew my father growing up as my mother worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet. Because of this, I was...

VetsWork Fire Internships

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How to Apply

Include the Following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
    1. Include one for each position you’re applying to (you can apply to more than one).
    2. If you are unfamiliar with cover letters, click here to learn more.
  • Copy of your DD 214
  • Three professional references: Include their name, phone number, email, and relation to you.

Your application will not be considered without all of the required documents.

Email completed applications with documents to:

Katie Schmidt, Recruitment Coordinator


Use this form to contact Recruitment.

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Partners & Sponsors

As a partner of the program, your organization directly benefits from the support of a VetsWork Fire intern team on wildfire landscape management projects (or other team based projects could be discussed). Additionally, you have the opportunity to train potential new members of your workforce.

Partners are required to provide a cash match, have time to supervise / mentor the team, and provide housing for the team. It might sound like a lot but our past partners would tell you that it’s worth it. If you and/or your organization is interested in sponsoring a VetsWork Fire team, please contact us via the button.

Current Program Partners

We partner with the Umatilla National Forest for VetsWork Fire. You can learn more about the Forest by selecting the link below.