2023 VetsWork Fire: Mark Dahl

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I grew up in Northern California, spending time in Placer and Nevada County. Growing up, I always enjoyed the adventure and open terrain of the outdoors, spending a lot of my time snowboarding, fishing, camping, and playing music. I graduated from Colfax High School, and after a quick attempt at college, I joined the United States Army in April 2012 and served five years as an Infantryman. After getting out of the military, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in English and moved to Germany for three years with my wife Jasmin – a German citizen. Currently, I reside in Northern California but will be relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado, so that my wife may continue pursuing her degree in Biology at Colorado State University. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, reading, listening to music, studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and spending time with my German Shepherd, Luke.

I decided to become an Mt. Adams Institute Americorps Intern for many reasons, but these are the big three: 1) I quickly realized after graduating college and working for three years in a competitive business environment that a desk job was NOT for me; 2) I want to reunite, learn, and be challenged both physically and mentally in a supportive environment that thrives on values similar to those of the military: camaraderie, respect, loyalty, selfless service, hard work, and making a positive impact and difference in people’s lives; 3) I want to continue being of service to my country.
I am incredibly excited to learn and gain hands-on experience from experts in the field. I have always had a high level of respect for Wildland Firefighters, and thanks to this program, I will have the opportunity to join their ranks and start a fulfilling career with the United States Forest Service.