VetsWork: An Awesome Opportunity

It would be impossible to tell you how much I have learned in these past three months. I moved from the city to the mountains in Oregon. I had lived in a large metropolis my entire adult life and now I am living within footsteps of forest. The opportunities that the VetsWork AmeriCorps program has provided for me have given me the experiences I need to find a high paying quality job. I still have seven months left to go to put myself into an even better position to get a job! After I finished my college studies, I was still lacking experience in my given field; the Mt. Adams Institute has facilitated in helping me get this experience.

The key to the experience so far for me is to be willing to learn or take in everything that I possibly can. I believe this program puts you in a situation where you can seek out knowledge from a variety of very smart people to make you a better person and prepare you for working in the environmental conservation field. I don’t believe there is a better internship program out there for veterans that would give us a better opportunity to learn about our natural resources. I have zero complaints about the program and would recommend it to all veterans who have an interest in public lands management.

Odell Lake

Mt. Bachelor

Deschutes River