Working Outside is Mentally and Physically Refreshing

by | Field Notes

It’s been a few weeks since the pack test and orientation. We have done a lot since the start and so far, it’s been a great experience with the crew. Everyone has been getting along and working hard each day. We just completed our certifications for defensive driver and CPR/ First Aid as well as our first PT test; only thing left is the Chainsaw qualification and then we can move forward as sawyers into the field.

I came here with an open mind about this program, I was motivated and excited to meet the crew and learn. I didn’t know what to expect overall; however, coming into this program I had a thought of it being like boot camp again but it’s not like that at all.

I just knew I was going to be part of something that will be beneficial for future opportunities.

Since I started this internship, I often think about why I am here, I decided to take this opportunity because I wanted to be part of something again and continue service in a new way.

Just spending time outside working and learning has been refreshing mentally and physically.

I was impressed with our supervisors and the crew on the first day, they are knowledgeable and professional, they want us to succeed and strive upwards. This program is unique because it’s a diverse group of Veterans from different branches and backgrounds that want to work outside and becoming stewards of our land. Our values align with a mindset to better ourselves to create an ongoing role within the veteran community. As Veterans we each bring something to the table such as experience, skills, and work ethic.

I hope during the rest of our internship we continue positive teamwork and acquire the skills necessary for the job that will provide each of us more opportunities forest service members.