2022 Land Stewards: William Messick

by | Land Stewards, LS 2022

I grew up in our nation’s capital and was fortunate enough to have easy access to the many small national parks within the D.C. borders. Some of my best memories with friends can be found in these parks as it was really the only place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, even if you could still hear the busses screeching to a stop.

My favorite part about forests is not just the escape but also finding others who seek the same refuge. The community of those who share this appreciation for the natural world has always been so welcoming, caring, and adventurous, another aspect that formed my love for the outdoors. All the time I spend in a forest somehow doesn’t feel like wasted time, whether it’s fishing, tree hunting, wheeling, hiking, or just sitting on a log or rock absorbing everything around me.

I remember falling in love with the Pacific North West when I first visited the coast of Oregon/Washington. The deciduous forests covered in a veil of mist and fog always captivated me and more importantly made me feel small compared to the expanse of nature. 

Mt. Adams Institute focuses on education through experience when learning about the natural world around us. Throughout my academic career, I have always found I learn more from experience rather than from sitting in a classroom. I am hoping to learn more about erosion and how we as people interacting with the forest landscape can change it whether on foot, two wheels, or four wheels.