We Will Do Better!

by | Field Notes

Mt. Adams Institute (MAI) will do better. . .

For too long, it’s been easy to disassociate environmental and conservation focused work from the social justice and equity issues that plague our country.  And yet access to the outdoors and public lands (and all of their related benefits) is too often a privilege instead of a right that is accessible to all.

This disparity is one more outcome of the systemic racism that has plagued our country since its founding.  As an organization, MAI can and will do more to interrupt this system that has negatively impacted communities of color and other marginalized groups for too long.

MAI will:

  • Use our voice, platform and power to support the organizations and leaders that are trying to reshape the fabric of our community(s) into a more equitable and just place for all.
  • Commit to learning how we can evolve MAI into a more inclusive organization that supports people of color and other marginalized groups equitable access to the outdoors, public lands and leadership pathways within the conservation and natural resources field.
  • Embrace that learning to be “anti-racist” is a life-long process that never ends. That we need to listen so we can learn. And that we can’t allow the fear of making a mistake impede steps towards a more just world.

We’re asking our supporters, partners, program participants and alumni to join us in the collective efforts to disrupt racism and help build more inclusive and equitable spaces.

We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that black people and other communities of color have been impacted by social and environmental injustice. We believe that we must do better so this generational violence can end.

We understand that we will make mistakes as we learn to be better. We will own those with humility and move forward. This is our responsibility and we will no longer act as if it is not.


Brendan Norman
Executive Director