Victor Pinero

by | VetsWork

My name is Victor Manuel Pinero Pabon, currently 31 years old. I was born in Fayetteville, NC,  and  I moved back to Puerto Rico when I was four years old. I went to the same school from kinder garden to 12th grade. Since I was a child, I participated in sports, including baseball, tennis, soccer, running, and my favorite sport with 13 years of experience –  fencing. I like to compete and enjoy challenges in areas that require me to give my all and better myself. This includes the Boys Scouts of America, where I reached the highest rank, Eagle Scout. After graduating, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, specializing in K-12. During this time, I enlisted in the Marines Corps reserve as a logistic specialist and served an eight-year contract with an honorable discharge.

I decided to become a VetsWork intern with Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps because I enjoy life in the outdoors. I have to give thanks to my loving parents, who taught and supported me to get involved with nature activities, especially camping. I’m very excited about my intern position because I will be serving El Yunque National Forest’s recreational areas. I will be applying my skills learned in college to grow as a professional.

I am looking forward to becoming an interpreter for our beloved rain forest and take care of it. To welcome visitors and show them all the things one can learn and enjoy when connecting with nature. I hope to keep learning and to know what it takes to be in the US Forest Service and, if possible, work in the US Forest Service in the future or any similar organization related to caring and protecting nature.