VetsWork: An Unforgettable Place

by | VetsWork

This will be my final blog for my internship with the U.S. Forest Service through Mt. Adams Institute. I got to be part of a program called VetsWork where I was partnered with the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest’s district range department. I got to hike all over Hells Canyon, assist with monitoring projects, and help conservation efforts in regards to cattle grazing. I have to say it was an amazing adventure and I’ve learned so much! I got to not only help the forest but the community as well. There were some hard times this year, but in the end it was all worth it. I got to go talk to kids about being a veteran and volunteer for local nonprofits all while doing my internship. I have met so many unforgettable people including my mentors. I will never forget this place or the experiences I’ve had. After this internship ends I will be going back to Missouri to accept a seasonal position doing quail telemetry.