VetsWork: Looking Forward to My Future

by | VetsWork

It amazing to think that this VetsWork program with the Mt. Adams Institute is coming to an end. The experience I have had at Mt. Hood National Forest was completely amazing. I have had an opportunity to learn many new things and I have gained skills that will certainly help me in the future.

My biggest project of the year was creating a map of the special use permits. It was really cool that the Forest Service gave me an opportunity to do the majority of the work and I had a chance to utilize ArcMap software. In case you do not know, ArcMap is a computer program that allows users to generate complex digital maps. I had an opportunity to gain some experience in digital mapping, or geographic information systems as they are more commonly called, while working on my master’s degree.

I made a lot of other contributions to the Forest Service such as processing 17 film permits, drafting many correspondence letters, inspecting special use permits for compliance including many recreation residences, generating special uses bills, and organizing special uses files.

I think special uses would be a great career to get into and I believe the Forest Service will have an opportunity for me in the near future. For now, I will return to San Diego after not living there for five years. Since I left San Diego, I have had an opportunity to work at three National Parks and one National Forest. I think this will be a short break for me from working for federal land management agencies and I am sure I will get a job with the U.S. Forest Service or National Park Service in the near future.

I thank my fellow VetsWork interns, Mt. Adams Institute, and all the wonderful people at Mt. Hood National Forest. Thank you to everyone for your generous support, your wisdom, and friendship. I will miss everyone, but I am extremely excited moving forward and seeing what my next chapter brings me.