VetsWork GreenCorps: A Day with the Umatilla Vet Crew

by | VetsWork Fire

My day working with the Umatilla Vet crew starts the same everyday with some form of physical training (PT). Most days we thin heavily forested areas to reduce the potential for wildfires. We have completed over 8 acres so far. That’s pretty much our normal routine: PT, then go thinning, return to the bunkhouse and clean our saws. My favorite part is cutting down trees; that is probably everyone’s favorite part of the day. We have great sites to check out on our weekends with so many places to hike and camp. We live in the mountains and the weather has been staying very enjoyable. It’s very easy to stay positive in this beautiful place. I work with a great group of people and that’s what makes it fun and enjoyable to do manual labor everyday.