VetsWork: A Fun Ride

by | VetsWork

Well we are coming to the end of the program, which is a little weird to say. I’ve done so many things, seen so many new and beautiful places, and met so many awesome people. As well as getting qualified in things I never thought I would be qualified in; it’s been one fun ride.

This program has not only set me up for a future with the Forest Service, but has offered me a seasonal job to come back to as a GS-4 forestry technician. This opportunity is perfect because it is allowing me to not only work with the Forest Service, but also use my G.I. Bill in the fall and winter towards something I actually enjoy rather than guessing and changing my major trying to find something. My future plans ideally would be to go to school for recreational management at OSU while working in a seasonal trail work position so that once I graduated, I could hopefully be hired on as a GS-9 full-time permanent employee.

I would like to thank AmeriCorps and the Mt. Adams Institute staff for offering me an amazing opportunity to explore jobs in the Forest Service. I would say that in at least my case, Mt. Adams Institute and the purpose of this internship were a complete success.