VetsWork: Enjoying Work Every Day

by | VetsWork

I’ve been working for about two months now and have yet to find an aspect of this job that I have not liked. I wanted to be outdoors, learning about wildlife and getting familiar with the local forest. I have been thrilled with the work I have been doing so far and my expectations have been met in full. I am definitely excited about these next 8 months.

I have been able to see more of the local area I grew up in than I ever have. I am making these areas more enjoyable to not only the community, but for my family, friends and even myself. They feel free to let me know of any issue they see while out in our district and I feel a need to assist them any way I can. I have been pleasantly surprised at the level of teamwork that can be found surrounding any issue that arises or any project that needs accomplished. People in the office have been nothing but helpful when I’ve needed help. They have helped work any and all problems especially since I’m the new guy and am often at a loss for what needs to be done.

While I often feel I’m running around without a clue, I am learning a lot every day and I’m working on projects that are making a difference and improving the areas I grew up utilizing. I’ve worked for days improving trails and I’ve walked many miles patrolling just a fraction of our Wilderness Areas. I’ve removed several deer stands on our public lands that were attached to trees and causing damage. I’ve learned frog and birdcalls that keep my mind busy on any venture outside. I’ve cleaned campgrounds and day use areas that I can see in use every day. Such rewarding work is keeping my excited and motivated and I now enjoy coming to work every day with people that seem to have the same passion for their job as well.

I still hunt, fish and hike nearly every week so the improvements are a help to my enjoyment as well. I like the idea that things I’m doing now will help my kids and their kids in the future.