VetsWork: Adventures on the Oregon Coast

by | VetsWork

My first six weeks as an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) VetsWork intern have been AWESOME! I have been taught more new skills than I can think of. Here’s a short list of the top few I have enjoyed the most: bucking and basic chainsaw training, using a gas drill, building signs and fencing, and driving an OHV, ATV and our Forest Service trucks on the sand. Another interesting skill I have learned is how to dig post holes in the dry sand so we can add or fix a sign…. it involves some calorie burning and smarts to out shovel the sinking sand!

My weekly routine during the pre-season has consisted of meetings to plan the summer season, upcoming events/changes, as well as field work such as fixing signs or fencing, and doing fee tube collections. We have also spent time prepping our gear and storage bay by spring cleaning, ordering supplies, and completing online trainings. Some fun tasks are checking the noise buffer which consists of taking the OHV’s out and checking for damaged signs, people violating the rules, and old tracks from those long gone. As well as our weekly patrol of the sand camps and checking to make sure everyone pays, keeps fires & trash under control, and obeys our general safety rules.

I’ve been able to meet lots of new faces, even though I have lived in Reedsport, OR for over 2 years. From Forest Service personnel, to ATV business owners, to camp hosts, and lots of travelers, you’re always meeting someone new on the dunes! My coworkers have a diverse background, which is perfect for my abundance of Forest Service questions. They are all really nice! Plus my bosses are about the best thing you could ask for. Tons of knowledge, many years of experience, hardworking and motivated! I couldn’t have asked for better mentors during this career change.

In the upcoming months I have a few things planned: working on my CAP project, doing some fun safety events, and working on creating my own rider event on the dunes! Plus I am excited for a few different classes and trainings I will be attending!

Stay tuned for more updates!