VetsWork: A Journey Through Uncertain Times

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One December day, while Facebooking, I received an instant message from a military buddy of mine about a job he found while searching for jobs online.  He knew that I had been looking for a job because I would be graduating college in January.  He sent me a link to a job for a non-profit organization that I had never heard of that helped military veterans find work with government agencies.  At the time, I thought it was too good to be true.  I was hesitant to apply with them for a few days, but decided to take my chances.


The end of 2019 was coming to a close and I received an email that I had made it to the next portion of the interview process.  After completing all the paperwork, I was told I had made the internship and that I was to report to Corbett, Oregon for orientation.  Orientation was a bit weird for me because I wasn’t one to socialize with people since I was an online student in a town where no one knew me.  Before the first day was over, I knew everyone that was also accepted into the program as interns.


Orientation week went by so fast and by Monday of the next week, I was at work at the Forest Service’s Supervisor’s Office in Pendleton, Oregon eager to get to it.  After meeting my supervisor at Orientation week, I had my first meeting with her that week to go over what she expected of me, as we discussed the Fremont Powerhouse and my skills as a graphic designer and what she envisioned for one of my projects to be for part of my internship.  I was to complete some interpretive posters to put up around the powerhouse so that visitors could understand what it was used for.  Along with this project, I was to work on my Community Action Project, which I chose to create 360 degree videos for the elderly and disabled who could not get out anymore to enjoy hiking and exploration from the comfort of their homes through Youtube and Facebook and incorporate it into a program for virtual reality eventually.


Thus far, I’ve had so much fun working for Mt. Adams Institute and the U.S. Forest Service that this will be an experience I will never forget.

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