VetsWork: Turkeys Galore (and some of the human variety!)

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There is always someone that needs to be dropped off or picked up. Since many of the districts, including mine, have been combined, it takes several hours to get from one end of the district to the other. One time a coworker and I drove over an hour to meet up with one of our Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) because someone had dumped a stolen wheelchair lift. Another day, I drove for most of it in order to paint over graffiti in the most secluded areas. They have to be pretty motivated to carry the cans of spray paint all that way. As I drive, I like to keep an eye out for the various “critters” in the areas. Turkeys. SO MANY TURKEYS. The road actually belongs to them in many of the areas, and they get quite cross if you want them to move out of the way. How dare I! They are very big too, so I have mentioned them to a relative who loves to hunt them. I have seen many deer, innumerable squirrels, groundhogs, snakes, hawks, chipmunks, and other types of birds that I am still learning the names of. But not one bear. So friends and family members, bears are not likely to attack me… unless I do something silly.




We DO have sightings out here, so for anyone camping please use the bear boxes provided if you are on a Forest Service campground. If they don’t, please bring a bear canister and use it. There was a bear sighting at a campground that I worked in yesterday, and the following morning one of the volunteers was cleaning up the campsite. There were sticks used to cook marshmallows left on the wood stack. So silly, silly turkeys. If the bears are attracted to sweet smelling foods please do not leave them on the wood pile. Yes, sharing is caring. Just not in this situation.

These are some photos of my district. I hope you enjoy!

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