VetsWork: First Impressions

Hello. I am Tylynn Scoggins and I work as a VetsWork AmeriCorps Intern for the Mt. Hood Ranger District in Parkdale, OR. During my first month as a recreational site surveyor, I had the opportunity to meet several great professionals who shared their experience working for the Forest Service. So far, during this time in Parkdale, I have worked on many small projects such as making fee signs for recreational sites and some maintenance work at different ranger stations and Mt. Hood Visitor Center. My coworkers and I have also been enjoying our time in the snow getting our snowmobiling certificates, so that we can go to lookout towers and provide maintenance work to ensure that these lookouts are ready for this year’s fire season.

In the carpentry workshop, we were working on fee signs for recreational sites, so that we can install them once spring arrives.

Changing lightbulbs at the Barlow Ranger Station in Oregon.

This is my coworker John, and our friend Fred who we have saved several times during our CPR and First Aid certification.

My coworker Ryan and I are at the Willamette National Forest learning how to collect data at recreational sites using Infra, and learning how much goes into keeping our recreational sites up and running for the public. During this time, we had the chance to explore new places and meet new friends all in having a wonderful time.

During our latest adventure getting certificates for snowmobiling, we’ve had a lot of fun with a lot of great people. I feel very lucky to be in a program with such awesome opportunities for the VetsWork interns, as well as being able to spend our time in the outdoors and learn new skills that will help us in our futures.