SOP 12: Native Bees of the Gorge

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The Columbia River Gorge is buzzing with spectacular wildlife that most people swat away. But did you know there are over 500 species of bees in Oregon and Washington? Each one is unique and interacts with the natural world in its own way, but bees and other pollinators are more than beautiful and interesting. These pollinators sustain our food and ecosystems – and ultimately, all of us. Join Frances Ambrose Fischer to learn about our native bees, programs that study and protect them like the Oregon Bee Project, and what role you might play in their health and survival.

Frances Ambrose Fischer works for Friends of the Columbia Gorge as the Land Trust Coordinator and is the local organizer of the Oregon Bee Atlas. Frances studied ecology and entomology at Montana State University and researched plant pollinator interactions and climate change. Frances lives in Hood River on a pear orchard with her husband Ben.