SOP 11 – Magical, Menacing, and Magnificent Wildlife: How to Ensure Their Future in the Gorge

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Lecture Description:

Update! The following resources were shared during the lecture by Bill Weiler:

The Columbia River is home to some incredible wildlife species; some are unknown to many, while others may be common species, with surprisingly fascinating stories. Who are these creatures that share our home? Why are some considered magnificent, and others are feared or even misunderstood? Wildlife biologist and longtime Gorge resident, Bill Weiler, will highlight some of our local fauna and share some hopeful scenarios about how we can keep wildlife thriving throughout the Gorge, especially if we all contribute.

Bill Weiler has lived on 20 acres northeast of Lyle, WA for 30 years. He worked as a wildlife biologist with both the Washington and Oregon Departments of Fish & Wildlife. Bill created the environmental education non-profit Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute in Hood River 25 years ago, and he currently works as the Education Coordinator for the Sandy River Watershed Council. As a wildlife enthusiast, Bill regularly serves as a consultant for Gorge residents needing wildlife surveys or advice regarding animals showing up – sometimes unexpectedly.

This presentation includes a brief memorial for Darvel Lloyd, avid outdoorsmen and lifelong steward of Mt. Adams. For more on Darvel, and his brother Darryl’s commitment to wild places, check out this episode of Field Guide – The Lloyd Brothers of Mt. Adams