VetsWork: A Sense of Belonging

by | VetsWork

Hello everyone. The amount of projects, people, and friends I have met and made in Tillamook County because of Mt. Adams Institute’s VetsWork AmeriCorps program has been extraordinary. From day one until now I have kept myself busy digging in the dirt, planting trees with kids, installing water quality monitoring wells, working at educational events, promoting clean water, native seed collecting, sewing, planting, working with youth corps, volunteers, and the list goes on….

There’s not one particular job I find better or worse, I find them all as fulfilling as the last. The amount of time I spend sewing and germinating a seed is just as important as the amount of time I spend weeding and watering it for future restorative projects. All things seem to click and have purpose. I guess you can say I have found the little things, like laughing with a volunteer, or just listening to someone, to be the moments that matter. Outreach is a big part of what we do, I love seeing smiling faces, making people laugh, letting people cry, giving hugs, high fives; we are here to serve, whatever that service may be.

I am excited and truly blessed, I have a sense of belonging, and as long as I belong I’m going to do my best for others sake. “I’ve made my decisions, now I’m here to help others make theirs” (bonus points if you guess what movie that’s from, no google). I’m excited to read and see all the wonderful things the other AmeriCorps interns are doing, keep up the great work everyone!