Ready to Fight Fires

by | Field Notes

During these past 12 weeks regained and sharpened the skills I need to become a successful wildland fire fighter. I have been re-certified for and relearned how to utilize pumps, use tools for cutting lines, and using chainsaws to fall, limb and buck trees. This has been beneficial for me in that this is what I want to do for more seasons to come. These new certificates will make me a stronger crewmember, and a stronger candidate for any other crews or agencies that I work for in the future. During this time, my favorite memory has been both the experience I have gained and the people that I have done it with. This includes the hikes that we go on together; to the stories, we share from experiences, to where we want to be in the future. I feel confident that graduating this program and putting in the many hours of volunteer work that that I have gained here; I will be competitive in the future when I apply to outside agencies.