Public Lands Stewards: Water is Life

by | Land Stewards

Water is Life

May, water is abundant
Meandering through channels and
Man-made ditches
It comes up to your chest
Don’t top!

July, water is disappearing
Forced to a stop
By the disputes of men
Mud and duck tracks are reminders
Of what once was
Some strongholds remain
Seeping hope, under the hot summer sun

As most often is the case
The fate of a species
Rests in human hands
It is a fitful slumber


Golden Hour

Sky ablaze
Clouds the glorious spectators
The dry grass illuminated by the golden hour

Insect wings, and aspen leaves
Infused with the radiance of the golden hour

Oh brilliant beams!
Fill me up!
With your invigorating light, in this golden hour

Every day of my life


Mt. Adams

Serene and beautiful, she stands alone

Clouds pass by
Giving a gentle embrace
Sometimes showering her with white gifts

Clouds move on
White dissipates

And she remains
Nothing to phase her
But time himself


Follow Your Mother

Follow your mother
Across the black road
She jumps the barbed-wire fence
Not big enough yet, you sneak under

Follow you mother
Across the marshy grasslands
From aspen grove to wooded forest
Peak above the tall grass
Stay well hidden underneath
One day, your spots will blend together
And you’ll have your mother’s beautiful coat

Follow your mother
From ditch bank to canary grass
You must keep up, stick with the pack
Already a clone of your mother,
One day you’ll be as strong as her

You have no mother to follow
She left you ready with the tools necessary to survive

Stay close to your siblings
You know what to