Public Lands Stewards: A Volunteer Experience!

by | Land Stewards

It has now been four months since I left my home to travel to Brookings, Oregon to start my AmeriCorps volunteer internship with Oregon Parks and Recreation and it has been such an incredible journey! Over the last several months I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with such incredible people who not only love what they do but strive to enhance the public’s access and experience to their public lands in Oregon. Being able to interact with campers and hikers both on trails and within the campgrounds has been valuable in gauging what people want with their public lands while also ensuring, through trail maintenance and natural resource work, that these areas remain healthy and viable ecosystems for all to enjoy. As of right now my life’s journey will take me back to the Midwest to start work in Chicago and I cannot emphasize how incredible it has been to work for such a devoted organization that delicately balances both science and recreation for the good of the public and all those that travel to Oregon to visit and interact with the Oregon Coast!