2022 Land Stewards: Omeed Pourboghrat

by | Land Stewards, LS 2022

My name is Omeed Pourboghrat. I grew up in Okemos, Michigan until I was sixteen years old when I moved with my family to Dublin, Ohio in 2015. I went on to finish high school, and later achieved a Bachelor of Arts in History at Ohio State University. I have since a very young age traveled to many different countries and parks within the U.S. and hiked there many trails. These adventures helped me to develop an avid fascination with nature, and within this past year, I have decided to start a career in the industry of conservation.  

I decided to join Mt. Adams Institute this year because I want to expand my knowledge of the natural world, and learn how to turn it into a career so that one day I could help protect the planet’s ecosystem. What excites me is the new skills and knowledge I will gain at Umatilla National Forest, and meeting people who share my same excitement about the natural world.