Never Ending Views in Alaska

by | Field Notes, VetsWork

Working here in Alaska has opened my eyes to natures beauty.  I feel like the learning experiences never stop. From learning about bears and how to stay safe around them, to how to stay safe on an airplane.  The best training that I have gotten in the last couple months is the Wildlife First Responder Training. The class was hard but fun and I learned a lot about how to take care of someone who has been injured or any other medical problem in the wilderness. The work has been nonstop and busy.  Taking care of a couple trail heads and major recreation sites in the area keep me busy. The views are always changing with the days, so the views haven’t gotten old.  The most interesting and time consuming of projects was helping to set up the Mendenhall campground.  The setup had some interesting quirks, the air bubbles in the airlines was the most troublesome. The easiest of tasks was the putting the water spigot on and turning the individual water systems back on. The campground has the best views of the Mendenhall glacier and the lake. I go by and take pictures a lot while riding golf cart around.