Meet Sara, 2020 Public Lands Stewards Intern!

by | Land Stewards

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I love to be out in nature hiking, biking, or playing disc golf. I play rugby and love the teamwork required for the sport.

After completing university with a BS in biology, I joined the Peace Corps. I served 2 years in West Africa in the agriculture sector. It was a roller coaster of experiences but I learned a lot about myself. Returning home I realized that my passions were a mix of outdoor/hands-on teaching and environmental work.

The Mt. Adams Institute Public Lands Stewards internship seemed like a perfect balance of teaching, learning, and caring for the environment. I want to continue teaching after this program and this is great experience for my future. I am most excited about the outdoor teaching. Hopefully I will be able to help this program expand its community outreach and I will learn teaching techniques for all types of learners.