Meet Raina, 2020 Public Lands Stewards Intern!

by | Land Stewards

I grew up in northwest Ohio where it is as flat as can be and so didn’t truly get into any adventure type sports until I moved into the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania. I dove right in after college doing a six weekend-long white water rafting training course. I quickly realized, as I was doing flip drills in the snow while hurtling down the Youghiogheny River, that I may have jumped the gun. However, it solidified my love for the outdoors. I worked for that company for seven years as a multiday bike guide, and hike or backpack any time I can!

I am so excited about the intern position with Mt. Adams Institute and AmeriCorps! Anytime I get to venture into the mountains is a blessing. Now I get to do it for work, how cool! I am hoping to broaden my skills of the great outdoors and soak up any knowledge my fellow staff and leaders bestow upon me.