Meet Nick Maze, 2020 VetsWork AmeriCorps Intern!

by | VetsWork

I grew up exploring in the William B. Bankhead National Forest. The forest was quite literally my backyard, and with the help of a vivid imagination, I decided my career choices at a young age. Whether it be acquiring branches as crude weaponry and playing “army”, searching for arrowheads, or tracking down rare salamander species, I was never bored. My love for the outdoors never faded. Joining the Marine Corps in 2015, I had plenty of outdoors and field time in a vast array of climates. From the Mojave Desert to the pine forests of North Carolina stateside, and from the deserts of the Middle East to the lush deciduous forests of Southeast Asia, I still haven’t had my fill.

I lucked upon a job posting for this internship position online and knew instantly it was perfect for me. I look to further my knowledge in anything and everything outdoors, and do my part to preserve that for generations to come, all while having a great potential career supporting my two daughters and soon to be born son.