Michael Zsembik

by | VetsWork

I grew up deep in the heart of Texas, in the capital Austin. I enjoy mountain biking, bird watching, and as silly as it sounds getting butterflies to land on my fingers. During my Naval service, my ship responded to the 2010 earthquake disaster in Port au Prince, Haiti and sailed through the straights of Magellan at the tip of South America within three months. My family is probably my biggest support system and I truly cherish them for that and try to remind them how much they mean to me more often than not.

I chose to be a Mt. Adams Institute AmeriCorps intern because I can gain valuable real world experience in the field I studied in college and truly make impactful change in the natural world that all life depends on. I also chose Mt. Adams Institute because it helps veterans find new professional pathways where they can apply the sense of service and integrity learned to environmental stewardship. I would say I am most excited about being in the forest and connecting to the land in a more meaningful way far from distractions. I am thrilled to cultivate a professional skill set with a hands on approach.