Meet Erica, 2020 Public Lands Stewards Intern!

by | Land Stewards

When I discovered conservation work a few years ago, the entire trajectory of my life was changed. I jumped, whole-heartedly, into a lifestyle that was both simple and also incredibly fulfilling. My first love were the Rocky Mountains of south central Colorado- and in many ways, I do identify this as home. However, I have been moving all around the western United States, working, exploring and finding MANY homes, in many beautiful outdoor spaces. The question “where are you from?” has become increasingly difficult and convoluted for me to answer as time continues on, and sometimes I draw a blank. What I DO know, is that I am incredibly lucky to have had so many opportunities to work and enjoy many different regions, climates, and landscapes- and that I am incredibly excited to spend my first summer in the Pacific Northwest, and immerse myself in the awe-inspiring Cascade Mountains.