Karalee Holtmann

by | Board Member

Karalee Holtmann has lived in the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge for 17 years.   She fell in love with this area when she began volunteering for an organization called “Volunteers in the Gorge” which partnered with Oregon State Police and Oregon Parks and Recreation.  An opportunity came up to move to this area with her then employer, First Independent Bank.  She never looked back after leaving the big city of Vancouver, WA.  

Karalee has over 30 years of retail banking experience.  She has also been a treasurer of several non-profit organizations over the years since she moved to this area.  She currently is the White Salmon-Bingen Rotary Club Foundation Treasurer and will be transitioning into the Club Treasurer soon. 

When she is not working at her day job, First Interstate Bank, she enjoys gardening, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and spending time with family. 

The programs Mt Adams Institute offers have lifelong positive impacts on individuals and on the beauty of the area we live in by connecting these individuals with nature and being environmental stewards of our land.