2022 Land Stewards: Kailey Kreienbrink

by | Land Stewards, LS 2022

My name is Kailey Kreienbrink. I grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. I grew to love the outdoors through exploration of Minnesota’s 10,000-plus lakes.

I am about to start my Senior year of college at the University of Oregon where I am triple majoring in Environmental Studies, Sociology, and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. When spending time outdoors I love to set up my hammock and enjoy a good book, go hiking, and spend as much time exploring the Oregon coast as possible. I am passionate about the relationship between social and environmental issues. 

I decided to become an Mt. Adams Institute intern because they provide exciting opportunities to work with local communities on important environmental topics. They also work to provide a learning experience to interns to help them develop and grow skills for future careers in the environmental field.