Gorge Trails With Kiddos

by | Field Notes

Looking for something fun to do with the kiddos this weekend? Well, consider yourself lucky because we happen to live in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions in the entire country! Why not hit the trails and embark on an exciting hiking journey together?

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. With a range of trails to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or experience level.

  1. Wahkeena Falls to Fairy Falls Loop: A scenic loop trail that passes by both Wahkeena Falls and Fairy Falls, with opportunities to splash in small streams along the way.
  2. Latourell Falls Loop: An easy loop trail that takes you to the stunning Latourell Falls, with its impressive plunge and beautiful basalt column backdrop.
  3. Oneonta Gorge: A unique and family-friendly adventure that involves wading through the gorge’s shallow waters, surrounded by moss-covered walls and beautiful scenery.
  4. Elowah Falls Trail: An enjoyable hike leading to the majestic Elowah Falls, where families can take in the beauty of the cascading waters and enjoy a picnic nearby.
  5. Tom McCall Preserve Loop: A moderate loop trail that offers stunning wildflower displays in spring, along with panoramic views of the gorge and Mount Hood.
  6. Hood River Waterfront Trail: A paved trail along the banks of the Columbia River, perfect for walking, biking, or rollerblading while enjoying beautiful views and fresh air.
  7. Starvation Creek Falls Loop: A short loop trail that leads to two beautiful waterfalls, Starvation Creek Falls and Cabin Creek Falls, offering scenic spots for family photos.
  8. Beacon Rock State Park Trail: A family-friendly trail that winds its way up Beacon Rock, providing unique views of the gorge and a sense of accomplishment for kids.

Grab your hiking gear, pack some snacks, and set out on an adventure to enjoy the natural wonders that surround us.

We would love to hear about your favorite family hike in the gorge (Feel free to share pictures too).