In late May, I packed up nearly all of my belongings and traveled 2,200 miles to the Pacific Northwest. Little did I know that I could flourish and challenge myself in this new environment to develop different strategies to help campers get a better glance at our big, beautiful, and ever-changing world! Not to mention the friendships made along the way! The combination of all of this established the yearning to explore and soak in as much as possible.

In my three-month stay, I explored and led camps that I was passionate about (Natural Builders, Nature Lab, and Outdoor Detectives), where the campers and I question our surroundings and performed scientific experiments with nature as our backdrop. On the other hand, I was challenged through camps that I wasn’t geared towards; however, I learned to adapt and incorporate my passions into the curriculum (Botanical Crafters and Jr. Mountain Chef).

All in all, this opportunity allowed me to try something new, and the pay-out is unmeasurable. I will carry these memories with me for the rest of my life! Moving forward from this summer, I will continue to challenge myself to encourage self-growth in new and sometimes imitating environments, which is needed as I prepare for graduation from Texas A&M University this upcoming December.