Embracing Change and Welcoming The New Executive Director of Mt. Adams Institute

by | Field Notes

Heraclitus once wisely proclaimed, “Change is the only constant in life,” and at Mt. Adams Institute, we’ve embraced this truth throughout the recent transformative years. As our founder, Brendan Norman, bid farewell, and the pandemic brought an onslaught of changes, we’ve not merely weathered the storm but grown and evolved because of it.

Last month, Tucker Szymkowicz, made the decision to step down from his role as Executive Director for personal reasons. Tucker’s departure marks a pivotal moment for us in this series of transitions, as longtime Program Director, Aaron Stanton, steps in as our new Executive Director, to provide stability and guide Mt. Adams Institute toward an even brighter future.

As many know, Aaron is well acquainted with the marrow of MAI. A Constant and dependable presence almost since its inception, he has demonstrated unwavering dedication and resilience as Program Director, especially during these recent years. Aaron’s abundance of institutional knowledge, as he assumes the mantle of Executive Director, will only strengthen our programs and MAI’s connections with our partners, participants, and community.

With deep appreciation and excitement, we extend a warm welcome to Aaron as he steps into his new role. Under his guidance, Mt. Adams Institute anticipates a future filled with promising opportunities.