Growth in the Lower Columbia Estuary

by | Field Notes, VetsWork

I have just started here at the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, and I am already participating in so many projects and community events. The one thing I love about working in Natural Resources aside from getting to be outside is the impact we get to make on our landscapes and in our communities. I began the term right where I left off, pulling ivy, blackberry, holly, and cleaning up sites for future restorative efforts. Something different for me this year is the big canoe paddle trips. I have always loved the water and to be able to take people from our communities out on our rivers and lakes is an experience I will never forget. I am gaining so much field experience working in wetlands, identifying plants, monitoring water quality, and retrieving data for future projects. I am excited to be back, this program offers so many unique opportunities for personal and professional growth that will carry over into future careers.