Cascade Mountain School Summer Camp Update 2

by | Field Notes

It is with heavy hearts that we’ve decided to cancel our in-person camps for this summer. Our deliberation was greatly impacted by a continued sense of uncertainty about the current and future state of the COVID-19 pandemic. While both Washington state and other surrounding states are starting to offer guidance on how businesses and communities can begin to reopen, these are only guesses at best as how to proceed.

So instead of opening our campers, our community and ourselves up to greater risk, we are choosing to take a more conservative approach in regards to our camps. We’re really disappointed. Having kids on our campus in the summer is always a highlight of our work.

The good news is that we’ve developed an alternative camp model for the summer: At-Home Adventures (A-HA!) will allow us to bring camp right to your home. Each week, campers will receive a themed activity kit coupled with on-line instruction and project sharing with our expert instructors and other campers.
A typical camp day will look like:
  • 10 AM – 10:45 AM: Online Zoom Meetup with other campers and instructors
  • 11 AM – 2 PM:   Independent project / activity time
  •  2 PM – 3 PM:    Online Zoom Meetup to share projects with other campers

The objectives of our A-HA! camps are:

  1. to provide some fun and engaging activities for campers that will provide some structure in the day (and a break for parents / caregivers).
  2. an opportunity to visit with other kids during this period when many of us are more isolated in our homes.
  3. to inspire kids to get outside and explore the natural world

We hope that you will continue to stay connected with us as we adapt to these challenging circumstances.



Dana Rivkin
Summer Camp Coordinator